Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back to Olympia

Memorial Day weekend saw us heading back to Olympia. Sunny but windless trip down. Spent the first night at Eagle Island then on to Swantown Marina.
Uneventful trip down. Nice couple evenings on the boat. I headed back Sunday night and sailed through the night to catch the current at the Narrows.
Here we're motoring under the Narrows Bridge on the way down.

RAM Mount

Moving the laptop to a RAM mount allowed me to get it much higher which gets it out of the way of any spray coming in through the companionway. The keyboard would still be vulnerable but I'll store it in the nav desk in bad weather.
The laptop has a real touch screen that you can manipulate with an actual finger - doesn't need a special pen. This allows you to do most functions, scrolling, zooming, without a keyboard.
My Treo 650 is in a new mount just below the VHF.


Went up the mast last month to replace some bulbs, lube and inspect the rig, clean som things, etc.
This was with the ATN TopClimber that I am still pretty happy with. I have a dedicated 1/2" Sta-Set line that I hoist up with the second jib halyard. I use the main halyard with a third ascender and a safety harness for a safety backup.
It's a little much to keep track of the ascender on the extra safety line but it seems worth it.