Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Boat as a Recording Studio

With three kids at home the boat is the quiet place to be. Acoustics aren't bad either.

I'm getting behind on releasing a new CD so I've found a place to get away and work on it.

Here I'm recording my Martin OM28 and Takamine EN132C with a newish Zoom H4. The built-in mics on the zoom are passable. I'm recording totally flat with no compression or mic eumlation. The raw .WAV tracks load directly into SoundForge where I add compression and a bit-o-verb.

The ship's strike clock gets in the mix once in a while so I guess I'll have to turn it off. Otherwise the acoustic environment is pretty good. A bit dead but no kids yelling.

I was able to get 20 tracks recorded last Sunday afternoon. Lots of those will end up being throw-aways but it's nice to get something done. If anyone wants me to make the raw tracks available let me know. I'll also be shooting an acoustic country blues instructional video on the boat in the near future.