Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The August San Juan trip is now available as a movie. It was a nice trip with some great video. Music is, of course, from my two CDs.

I'll continue to post the trip log in parts here along with some stills.
We had quite a blow here last month. Being a rather funky place the marina has purchased, over many years, various hulks to use for a breakwater. Much of the breakwater is made from old sections of floating highway bridges. Other sections are old ships. There's an old ferro-cement liberty ship in one section and a rusted-out hulk of a fish-processor in another.

The storm came in on the night of December 14th. Official wind speeds were above 50 knots in most places inland. Folks at the marina saw 70+ knots. One of the ships used in the breakwater, the New Star, broke loose from her mooring. Her stern swept through the outer docks of the marina and took out around 20 slips. At least four boats were sunk and three were driven ashore.

It was a pretty messy scene on the morning of the 15th. Power was out all over western Washington so everything was pretty dark and cold. The news trucks were there, lots of fuel in the water, flotsam everywhere, the Coast Guard, some pretty haggard looking liveaboards.

The liveaboards from the dock that was wrecked heard the conflagration and alerted everyone else. They all ran up the dock and spent the evening in the marina office.

The boats that went ashore have now been refloated and seem to be okay. The sunken boats were salvaged and removed.